0 and 1 are two numbers indicating absence and presence. Binary number system... The system that triggered the birth of technology and changed the whole world forever. Although the binary number system is not well known, it is the biggest system behind all technological innovations today. Although the binary number system has a very simple structure, it allows very complex systems to be created. Adenverse draws its power from this numerical system. The whole structure is built on the binary number system. This is the first and biggest step towards creating a masterpiece like Adenverse.

Everything started from ZERO(0) and made its way to ONE(1). (M. Yasir ESEN)

The binary number system mentioned above forms the heart of Adenverse. Because wherever you look in the Adenverse universe, you can see the reflections of this magnificent system.


To build a new, free and much better universe by using the innovations of technology to solve the problems of humanity.


Using Virtual/Mixed/Augmented reality, wearables, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies; to build a metaverse where humanity can fulfill its needs, desires and desires. To make this metaverse he has built available to all people.